What is a Hotshot driver – how to become one

What is a hotshot driver?

A hotshot driver is someone who hauls equipment and if there are any specific deliveries for clients. Hotshot refers to the quick nature of such deliveries. Hotshot trucking is the process of transporting smaller quantities of time-sensitive freight using a flatbed hot shot trailer and a “medium-duty” pickup truck. Drivers have usually contracted labourers and drive their own commercial vehicles. Hotshot drivers can handle loads for the company or take freelance opportunities.

And if you’ve made a decision to start your own hotshot trucking business, we can help you find the best truck loads.

To maintain registration with the US Department of Transportation (DOT), commercial motor vehicle carriers must keep driver qualification files for their drivers, including non-CDL drivers.

If you’ve been wanting to break out of a mundane job and be your own boss, this could be the right business model for you.

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