Looking for Reefer truck loads for refrigerated freight dispatch?

When it comes to a Reefer truck or a refrigerated freight, you have to be vigilant in order to transporting your reefer load safely and in the best condition. Reefer freight logistics require extra attention, and also deserves better remuneration. As a professional truck dispatch services provider, we not only find truck loads, but get the highest paying Reefer loads for owner operators.


Reefer trucks moving refrigerated freight are a crucial part of the cold chain process, wherein products are transported from 12°C (54°F)  to -70°C (-94°F). Reefer loads require a certain temperature, airflow and humidity to keep products like vegetables, fruits and pharmaceuticals from getting damaged when being transported. It not only keeps sensitive products safe during transportation, but also helps improve distribution at cold chain warehouses by eliminating stops.

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The standard length that is used for a reefer trailer is 48 to 53 feet. Reefer trailers are usually 8 feet and 6 inches long. The internal width is 8 feet and 1.5 inches. The trailer also has a tare weight, which includes tires and wheels, of 12,455 pounds. The unit itself weighs an additional of 2,000 pounds. The  gross vehicle weight rating of 65,000 pounds, while the standard payload capacity is around 55,000 pounds. 

Reefer Drivers should practice some common things like:

Always  confirm temperature requirements for all the reefer loads. 

Ask these questions before taking a load:

  • Does it just require refrigeration or needs to be frozen?
  • Do you need any limit to maintain heat?
  • How much should be the temperature range?

If your cargo is tender, you also need to check the expiry date and time frame for delivery, provided  in the lading instructions. The recipients might refuse to accept the shipment incase the dates have passed.


Pre-cool your trailer.

Leave enough time to pre-chill your reefer and ensure it reaches the perfect temperature before arriving at the pickup location. This will help you to avoid long wait times in the refrigerated trucking industry.

Monitor shipments closely.

Units should always be equipped with temperature measuring device and monitoring systems, so that you are always aware of  your trailer’s internal temperature. Also, use a tool which monitors the climate before pickup and during the shipments to keep the trailer in the right zone at all times in the process of  transportation. Redundant monitoring can help  avoid spoilage and will deliver  another layer of safety and security.

Load and unload reefer freight quickly.

The longer your trailer doors are open, the harder it is to maintain temperatures inside, hence you need to make it quick to maintain the temperature that you did set earlier. You also want to unload freight quickly and efficiently, using best practices to reduce any possibility of damage.

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