Step Deck

Do you operate a step deck truck and need to find good paying loads to haul?

If you’re the owner-operator of a step deck truck, you’re well aware that you need to look for a special type of load to haul. 

We here at Eagle Enterprises get you the best loads that you are looking for with perfect knowledge about the height permits and even if your freight exceeds, we have the perfect solution for you.

We have a strong safety culture, adhering to DOT standards and industry protocols to ensure all cargo is secure and delivered on time.

Here, for you to have a basic idea about the vehicle you are operating:

  • Length: 48 to 53 feet (top deck is 11 feet long)
  • Width: 8 feet, 6 inches
  • Deck Height: 60-inch top deck and 42-inch bottom deck
  • Weight Capacity: 43,000 lbs

Why Use It? 
This allows the step deck to haul loads that are too tall to be transported with a conventional flatbed trailer and still require a 30- to 42-foot bed length.Also known as a “single-drop” trailer, the step deck flatbed has a lowered deck.
People usually gets confused between Stepdeck and Flatbed, here’s what you need to know:
The main difference between flatbed and step deck trucking transportation is the maximum allowed height. With a step deck, you can transport slightly taller cargo because it has a lowered deck.

The two types of trailers provide versatility. It is also fairly easy to load and unload equipment and other cargo from both trailers because of their open design.
Although, both a flatbed and a step deck trailer are the same length and have the same weight limit, a step deck allows you to move taller cargo around. That helps you prevent the need for an escort vehicle or special permits.
We know how to deal with problems you might come across while running your Trucking company.

Hence, we provide you with a lot of extra services like:

  • Dispatching
  • Factoring
  • Insurance
  • Claims
  • Compliance
  • Accounts
  • Rental and Lease Options
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Fuel Card Provider
  • Marketing and Advertisements
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Payment Resolve
  • Unattended Reports
  • Safety Ratings
  • Driver Log

You just have to give your stress load to us and we will get you the best Loads for you vehicle.

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