Businesses that ship products quickly are aware of the many options available. Knowing how to take advantage of different types of shipments is important to make on-time deliveries and good profit. Whether you are shipping a few boxes or a full truck, you should get familiar with these three most common types of shipping to find the best solution that suits your needs. And learning about all the ways to be efficient isn’t that easy and needs good experience. We here provide you with Business growth consultation by our expert team who can help you make better decisions.

One of the choices shippers must make is deciding between LTL, PTL, and FTL shipping methods. What are they? Are they ideal for your business? Which one should you be using? Find out more about FTL, PTL, and LTL shipping methods, and how they work. 

Eagle Enterprises offers you an easy process with colossal profit booking, helping your business grow, we are here to get you the best loads with 24/7 assistance.



The name speaks for itself, it is a shipment which exclusively utilizes the entire truck dedicated to one assignment, and offers a direct route from the pickup point to the destination without any other pickups, hence it takes lesser time than the other two. If you’ve got a lot of freight, usually over 20,000 pounds on 20 or more pallets, full truckload (FTL) shipping may be the best option for you. And usually in such loads delivering on the time given is the foremost need and to meet that we help you to provide you with the best routes and give you ETA’s so that you can have a clear idea about everything.


LTL means that multiple shipments are combined to fill an entire truck.

It is the least expensive option recommended for small businesses that need to ship regularly but cannot fill the whole truck. We help you in combining multiple LTL shipments into one trailer, saving money and ensuring that fleets make the most of every trip they take. it is the most time-consuming and damage-sensitive solution, it requires much more handling than FTL or PTL. There might be several stops for pickups and unloading along the way which means that your products will be moved and can be damaged. Hence, getting the most compatible and suitable loads and doing 3-way coordination is very important, but dont worry we’re here to help you with all the solutions. 


PTL is a trade-off between FTL and LTL. In this option, the same truck which picks up the shipment is delivering it, but other shipments are added on the way. You should use PTL when you have low-density freight with items that take up a lot of space but don’t weigh a lot. In this case, you can share the truck with other customers which mean, both parties will share the fare of the truck for their respective halves according to all the factors that affect the rates of freight including weight and type of freight. There is less handling and a lower risk of damage, but it also requires multiple stops, so transit time will be higher than FTL but should be lower than LTL.  And here where you need to meet another customer you might feel the need for negotiation to make sure you get paid well, Eagle Enterprises provides you with the best price and not just that we manage and plan your cash flows to make your job easier.  

EAGLE ENTERPRISES help you make the right choice

One of the best things you can do for your logistics is to choose the right shipping method. The next best thing you can do is to partner with an experienced and flexible logistics provider who can meet all your shipping needs. No matter which shipping option you need, there is one smart choice you can make: work wiith Us. Our logistics experts carefully get to know your business. We help you make the right choice for your freight.


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