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Removable gooseneck-trailers (RGN), which is also called detachable gooseneck-trailers, is a type of lowboy trailer which has a hydraulic gooseneck which can be detached from the trailer body, and the front deck (with slope) of the trailer will touch the ground so you can have a shallow slope which makes the load easier for machines to ascend. It is a type of front-loading trailer, another type is a folding gooseneck trailer, which also can be loaded from the front side of lowbed trailers.

Removable gooseneck trailers are an advanced type of lowbed trailer, the key improvement is that the gooseneck is detachable, and then the trailer is involved from lowbed trailer to front loading trailer. The conventional lowbed trailer is a gooseneck at the front of the trailer, the middle part is a drop-deck for cargos, and the end of the trailer is a wheel-set.


  • Length: 24 to 29 feet (main deck)
  • Width: 8 feet, 5 inches
  • Deck Height: 18 to 24 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 42,000 lbs

If you’re shipping oversize or heavy equipment, an RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer transport is an option to consider. RGNs haul wide and high equipment or machinery.

Running RGN TRailer is not very easy and you might need assistance if you are new or not that experienced. Let our logistics professionals help you get loads and make you good money if you are thinking of getting RGN Trailer or already operating one.  


Widely used for transportation of prime mover, tractor, bus, specialized vehicles, railway equipment, mining equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, and construction machine. Any equipment with wheels can be driven or towed on top of the trailer directly, with no need for the help of a crane to lift them, which is the most economical way to load and unload the equipment.

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  1. Mechanical type:
    • Low cost for manufacturing and operation
    • Convenient for maintenance
    • Relatively simple steel structure and lightweight
    • Operations for detaching gooseneck is kinda cumbersome, but it is reliable in applications, and widely used in long-distance transportation.
  2. Pneumatic type:
    • Height is adjustable
    • Easy and efficient to mount and dismount the gooseneck from the trailer body
    • Pneumatic RGN can cushion the impact during transportation, the function is just like airbag suspension, suitable for fragile cargo.
    • Able to monitor the weight of the goods by reads of the air-pressure meter on the pneumatic circuit.
  3. Hydraulic type:
    • Similar to the pneumatic type, which has a simple design and easy control process, with no need for dismantling the neck from the tractor to detach the neck from the trailer chassis.
    • The front part of the hydraulic RGN trailer is a tilting plane design, on both sides of the tilting plane are two folding slopes, when you open the folding slopes, the cargo machines can be driven on the trailer platform easily. Between the two slopes is enough space for connecting the gooseneck, make sure there is no interference if they are attaching.
    • When the slopes are folded up, the total length of the trailer will be shortened, then the prime mover can reach the trailer without collision between the trailer body and the tractor.
    • Guiding pins next to the slopes will accelerate the matching process between the RGN and the trailer
    • The degree of automation is high, and the control procedures and alignment in connecting the removable gooseneck are the best in all kinds of detachable gooseneck trailers.
    • Particularly can be operated by the driver himself, no other operators are needed.

There are a few issues that you might face while operating RGN Business, hence we provide you with all the below services so that you can work hassle-free:

  1. On Call Assistance
  2. 24/7-365 days support
  3. Payment Processing
  4. Business Growth Consultation
  5. Pre Set Up
  6. Payment Solutions
  7. Managed and Planned Cash Flows
  8. Cumulative Accounts (MIS)
  9. Management of Cash outflow
  10. Record management calls (active loads)
  11. Expert advice that can help you make a better decision
  12. Compliance Assistance
  13. Authority & Permitting Guidance 
  14. Factoring Setup
  15. Fuel Advance
  16. Insurance Assistance
  17. Authority & Permitting Guidance 
  18. Equipment Purchase Assistance
  19. Bill your customers  

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