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Details About Box Truck:

Cubic Feet:                                              1,698

Gross Vehicle Weights:                        Up to 26,000 lbs 

Payload Weight:                                    10,000 lbs

Clearance:                                              13’0”

Interior Length:                                     26’ 0”

Interior Width:                                       8’ 0”

Interior Height:                                      8’ 1”

Load Ramp Width:                                2’ 3/8”

Rear Door Width:                                  7’ 10”

Rear Door Height:                                 7’ 10”

Load Ramp Capacity:                            1,000 lbs

Seat Belts/ Seats:                                    3

Fuel Tank:                                                50 gallon

Fuel Type:                                                Diesel

MPG**                                                     8-10 MPG 

26-foot box trucks are great, multi-use vehicles. Their medium size makes them manageable to more casual drivers, while they are spacious enough to carry large quantities of cargo. Box trucks work great for moving; you can fit many furniture and personal possessions into these vehicles.


There are nine class types of trucks. The chart below explains the weight breakdown of classes four through nine, as the first three are indicative of smaller vehicles, and the 26-foot box truck is a class four.


Weight in pounds










Over 33,001


Over 60,000

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Eagle Enterprise help in having safe and convent journey with additional features like:-

Overdrive Option: A safety feature to limit the speed of the vehicle while driving downhill

Fuel card provider: Fuel is one of the important aspects to trucking business. Fuel prices and availability are critical while you are on road, and it gets easier to manage when you have a fuel card service that helps you locate the nearest fuel station and skip the queue.

 Career packet and Rate Conf- This includes verifying all the paperwork of drafting a contract including clearly marked outlines for the services required and delivery with payment terms etc.

As a manager, when you invest in new or used trucks, you have limited resources, time and money. You want to be able to make a smart decision quickly so to keep your customers satisfied with affordable freight hauling services. As your truck dispatchers, we help you find truck loads and build long-term customer relations during the initial stages of your trucking business. We leverage this trust to help you find more bookings for your Box Truck.

 We help you save money through consolidated of your routes and loads planning. We ensure you avoid bad weather  and drive safe while keeping your overhead costs down. You choose the driving duration and select the loads you wish to accept. We help you avoid leaving money on the table due to issues like TONU, Detention and Layovers.

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