Power Only

Your TRACTOR, Our TRAILER, Two Powerful Teams for Power Only Trucking.

Are you the owner-operator of a “power unit” tractor and looking to haul freight? Book with EAGLE ENTERPRISES to get the best loads at your preferred Location.

With our extensive industry knowledge and skilled team, you can completely focus on your core interests while leaving the tiring and complex moving process to us, but for your better understanding of Power-only trucking, here we provide you with a few more details:

Power-only carriers can haul multiple trailer types:

Flatbed & open deck trailers

Dry vans

Refrigerated trailers

Shipping containers

The offering is very beneficial to carriers as a driver can reach a facility and without waiting at the dock it can hook a preloaded trailer.

“Drop-and-hook”  term is used in the trucking industry when a driver drops a full container at a facility and it can hook their tractor to a pre-loaded trailer at the same pace and time. This grab-and-go efficiency makes drop-and-hook a win-win: reducing transportation costs for shippers, increasing potential earnings for carriers, and saving time for everyone involved.

Your TRACTOR, Our TRAILER, Two Powerful Teams for Power Only Trucking.

Power-only trucking is a full truckload that provides only a driver and a tractor (also known as a “power unit”).

In power-only trucking, the driver doesn’t get a trailer, but instead hooks up to and hauls a trailer which is either leased or owned by a 3PL, shipper or companies.

Power-only trucking is a flexible option that can work especially well for shippers that get fluctuating levels of perishable items. It has been helping shippers to meet their deadlines and get the most from their budgets for decades.

Eagle Enterprises offers you an easy process with colossal profit booking, helping your business grow, we are here to get you the best loads with 24/7 assistance.

Drop and hook vs. live loads

A live load means that the truck driver waits for the trailer to be loaded or unloaded at the dock. If a backhaul is scheduled, the driver has to wait through both the unloading and reloading processes. This can add up to significant time spent at the dock.

In addition, drop and hooks typically don’t need to be scheduled as tightly since they don’t require time at the loading dock or a team ready to load or unload. Live loads must fit within a scheduling window to ensure there is space and labour available.

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