Hotshot Flat Bed

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If you are new to this industry or looking to start a trucking business, you should be fully aware of the vehicles you operate and the kind of loads you haul. Hauling Hot shot loads entails transporting smaller quantities of freight using a flatbed hotshot trailer and a “medium-duty” pickup truck. In many instances, hot shot trucking provides a time — and budget-friendly — solution for shippers that would alternatively send their freight via less-than-truckload (LTL) or partial-truckload (PTL) services.

Hot Shot Load Weight & Trailer Sizes

Hotshot trailers come in varying sizes. Most hot shot trailers today range between 30 and 40 feet in length. Also. Shorter versions like 20 ft and 24ft are available too. When it comes to Hot Shot load weight capacity, a 40-foot Hotshot trailer isn’t suited to haul any freight that weighs greater than 16,500 pounds.

Let’s talk about the most popular three kinds of hot shot trailers:

Gooseneck Hot Shot Trailers

Gooseneck hot shots —  today’s most popular type of hot shot trailers on the roads today measures 40 feet long.  These trailers — are known for the rigid stability of their goosenecks and are an excellent solution for shippers who need to transport larger hot shot freight.

Dovetail Hot Shot Trailers

Dovetail trailers are an incredibly useful tool for hauling self-propelled equipment such as light tractors and construction machinery. If you’re a shipper that needs to move smaller equipment and want to avoid the hassle of booking an FTL flatbed, give dovetail hot shots a try.

Bumper Pull Hot Shot Trailers

Because they’re typically shorter, easier to employ, and less expensive to purchase, bumper pull trailers are the most common type of hot shot trailer you’ll see on the roads.

The fact that these trailers can’t haul anything more than 10,000 pounds makes it easier for less experienced drivers, that don’t necessarily possess a CDL, to get into hot shot trucking with a class three pickup truck.

Types of Loading Ramps

Heavy duty loading ramps, Light loading ramps, Motorcycle loading ramps, Car loading ramps, Aluminum trailer ramps, Folding loading ramps and Truck ramps

Common Hauls for Hot Shot Trucks:

Typically hot shot truckers will haul construction materials, heavy equipment, machinery, or farm materials. Hauls can be anywhere from 50 miles away to across the country.

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Fuel card provider:
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